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Sun-Coco Castile Soap, USDA Ogranic Certified

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Sun-Coco Castile Soap is one of the most mild soaps you can purchase. Sun-Coco contains a high level super-mild oleic fatty acid derived from Organic Sunflower Oil, often more than is found in straight olive oil. We also add just enough coconut oil to generate a rich dense foam while minimizing over-drying effects of most castile soaps that incorporate coconut oil. Skin-friendly cleaning and good foaming qualities ideal for sensitive skin.

Sun-Coco may be blend with suitable essential oils as desired. Use organic certified essential oils may be required for further organic registration. To reduce viscosity, add Sanitek’s Organic Potassium Cocoate or water. To build viscosity, begin by adding 0.50% sodium chloride by weight and evaluate. Always test ingredients additions for compatibility prior to large scale blending.


Technical Data Sheet, Safety Data Sheet, Organic Certification