Since 2003, we have offered USDA Organic certification services through Oregon Tilth Company. A copy of our current registration can found here.


  • An organic product reviewed and certified to meet all USDA requirements by an accredited USDA agent.
  • Three categories that apply most soap products are less than 70%, 71-94, and 95-99 organic content.
  • Verify your organic manufacturer here.

Not Organic

  • Products that claim "organic" and/or list organic ingredients, but without third party verification. Organic materials listed on ingredient panels is not enough to gain certification; they can be minimal in quantity (hey, they are expensive) and most often there are other non-allowed ingredients are being used.
  • Fraudulent manufacturers listed here.

What to Look For

Look for the certification statement & logo; you will find it near the listed company name.

[photo of product label here]

Organic Ingredients

Curious to know what is allowed or not? The Code of Federal Regulations, Title 7, Subtitle B, Chapter I, Subtitle M, Part 205, Subpart G tells it all (& more) here.