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Potassium Castorate, USDA Organic Certified

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Made from Organic-certified Castor Oil, Potassium Castorate (36%) is a unique and versatile soap which helps to emulsify difficult ingredients like essential oils without the use of heat. Potassium Castorate is a low-foaming surfactant cant foaming, it does provide emoliency to personal care formulations, improves foam stability and aids in dispersion.

Industrial applications of Potassium Castorate include agriculture, lubricants, textiles, and may be added to existing soaps to improve emulsifying capability or used as-is. Blend with desired essential oils, increasing ratio up to 10:1 as necessary to result in a clear product.  In some cases, additional water and/or potassium cocoate may be needed to reduce viscosity and heat applied to clear. Use organic certified essential oils may be required for further organic registration.

Always test ingredients additions for compatibility prior to large scale blending.


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